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Spray Foam Industrial Services

Industrial coatings such as Spray Foam Insulation protect against rust and corrosion while sealing your industrial project (buildings, structures or equipment). Industrial spray foam is takes a fraction of the time to apply vs other application methods that are more expensive and time consuming. Industrial spray foam can be used for a variety of applications including but not limited to:

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Types of Industrial Spray Foam

Each spray foam type and method of application offers unique benefits. There are three primary types of spray foam that can be used for insulation and other specific purposes:

Low Density

0.5 lbs./cubic ft., open-cell foam with R-Value starting at 3.6 per inch

Medium Density

2 lbs./cubic ft., closed cell foam with R-Value starting at 5.7 per inch

High Density

3 lbs./ cubic ft., closed-cell foam with R-Value starting at 5.5 per inch

What does R-Value Spray Foam Mean?

The R-Value for spray foam insulation can differ depending on the manufacturer and product being used. Not all spray foams are created equal, which is why you’re likely wondering why there is a difference in the per inch R-Value of open cell and closed cell spray foam.

The type of foam insulation affects the R-Value just in how they are made up. Open cell is a lighter material, so the R-Value is lower, while closed cell is thicker and denser so the R-Value is higher. This is because it takes longer for heat to transfer through the closed cell spray foam due to its denser composition.

Here at Armour Spray Foam, we use Genyk Boreal Nature Closed Cell which is a two-component, medium density, one to one by volume spray-applied polyurethane foam. Genyk Boreal Nature Closed Cell is an insulation system designed for use in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

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