Industrial Spray Foam

Industrial Spray Foam

Industrial Spray Foam Edmonton Solutions

Armour Spray Foam is a leading provider of industrial spray foam solutions in Edmonton. Our expertise extends beyond pipeline insulation, encompassing a wide range of applications such as tank insulation, oil fields and rigs, cold storage facilities, and agricultural equipment. With a proven track record in the industry, we deliver superior insulation performance and reliable protection for diverse industrial needs across Alberta. Our comprehensive services ensure energy efficiency, durability, and optimal performance in even the harshest environments, making us the trusted choice for industrial spray foam solutions in Edmonton.

Industrial Spray Foam Insulation Applications

Industrial spray foam is a versatile insulation solution that provides superior thermal efficiency and protection for pipeline and tank insulation, oil fields and rigs, agricultural equipment, and cold storage facilities, ensuring energy efficiency and maintaining optimal conditions in these demanding environments.

Pipelines and Tank Insulation

Industrial pipelines and tanks often require insulation to maintain the temperature of transported fluids. Spray foam insulation is applied directly to the exterior of the pipeline, providing thermal insulation and preventing heat loss. It helps reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and protect pipelines from extreme temperatures.

Oil Fields and Rigs

Industrial spray foam insulation for Oil Fields and Rigs provides efficient temperature control, energy savings, and moisture protection. Its seamless coverage and thermal resistance enhance performance and durability in challenging environments.

Agricultural Equipment

Enhance your agricultural equipment with our spray foam insulation applications. Our efficient insulation protects barns, storage facilities, and machinery, maintaining stable temperatures and maximizing energy efficiency. Trust our expertise to provide tailored solutions for your agricultural needs, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Cold Storage Facilities

Spray foam insulation is highly effective in insulating cold storage facilities, such as warehouses or refrigerated storage units. It creates a continuous thermal barrier, preventing cold air from escaping and reducing the risk of condensation. Spray foam helps maintain consistent temperatures, minimizing energy consumption and ensuring product integrity.

Types of Industrial Spray Foam

Industrial spray foam applications are a practical solution used by businesses in various industries. By applying spray foam insulation, we provide reliable insulation, sealing, and protection for your industrial needs. Whether it’s roofing systems, pipeline insulation, cold storage facilities, or tank insulation, our experienced team ensures a seamless and durable insulation layer. With the added benefits of enhanced energy efficiency, moisture control, and product integrity, our spray foam applications help optimize your operations while reducing costs and promoting sustainability. Trust our expertise to deliver the practical and effective insulation solutions your business deserves.


Understanding the importance of cost-effectiveness in the construction industry, we at Armour Spray Foam are committed to collaborating with architects, builders, and contractors. Our team will engage in detailed discussions with you to assess your building requirements and provide expert recommendations on the most suitable type of spray foam insulation for your specific project. Additionally, we offer complimentary estimates that outline the anticipated costs of both the insulation materials and the installation process. This enables you to incorporate these expenses into your overall project estimates seamlessly.

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